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Callum Bell - Ecker lab, by way of jhu at resunix.ri.sickkids.on.ca cbell at ATGENOME.BIO.UPENN.EDU
Mon Nov 9 17:34:50 EST 1992

        Since some people asked me to share the references that I received
on Genetics and Developmental Biology of Arabidopsis, I am happy to do so. 
The following reference is the only one I received so far.  I would like to
thank Callum for posting this book.  
        I have not seen this book.  But some real plant molecular
biologists in California thought that there is not much information in this
book.  I would like to hear from other people who have read the book.


A recent text on Arabidopsis biology is: Methods in Arabidopsis Research
(C. Koncz, N-H Chua, J. Schell, eds.) World Scientific, Singapore, ISBN
981-02-904-5, published earlier this year. It is heavily biased towards 
genetics and molecular biology but reviews most other fields of study and
thoroughly referenced.

Callum Bell

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