Growing fodder..

Joan C. Maxfield maxfield at
Wed Nov 18 19:38:26 EST 1992

You may have some trouble with the alfalfa and the clover.  If I can
strain my poor little abused mind back to my forages class, alfalfa
and clover (and all legumes, like peanuts, etc) need to be inocculated
with the bacteria that naturally co-exist with their root system.
These are the bacteria that produce nitrogen.  (That is why peanuts
are so big in the south now, they enriche the soil with nitrogen
after being stripped of it during the cotton days)  Without the plants
particular strain of bacteria it will probably not establish well, if
at all.  You should be able to purchase the bacteria inocculant at a
feed and seed store and then wet the seeds and coat them with the
powdered bacteria.  I hope, for your sake, that you already knew this
and I'm just educating the rest of the unenlightened (like the people
in my lab looking over my shoulder).  


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