gardening ethics

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Thu Nov 19 17:06:30 EST 1992

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>I think the following were mistakes:
>1) The clearing of the great southeastern forests for the
>   of cotton, resulting in a number of eco-disasters (Charasmatic
>   the extinction of the carolina parakeet.  Related disaster: The
>   soil erosion in the 20s-30s, caused in large part by the continued 
>   clearing of woodlands from marginal areas.
>2) The over-grazing of the american west with cattle.
>3) The introduction of the european rabbit into Australia.
>4) The introduction of kudzu. (as a high-yield crop)

I believe that the main motivation of introducing kudzu was as a
conservation crop to prevent the soil erosion of your item 1.  The
conservation folks were right about it being a good cover crop!  

Clearly introduction of exotic plants is sonething that must be done with
great care.  But it can also be useful.  We would have a rather bland
diet if we used only plants native to the US--corn is from Mexico, wheat,
rice and soybeans from Asia, Potatoes from South America.  Crustless
pumpkin pie would be a big item, but I think I might still be hungry.

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