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Subject:      The Karaca Arboretum Magazine, vol.1, part 4

        Here comes the Table of Contents (TOC) of
        The Karaca Arboretum Magazine v.1, part 4

AU  J. Zielinsky
TI  Vicia parvula (fabaceae) - a new species from NW Turkey
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):121

AU  K. Browicz
TI  A new species of Amygdalus from south anatolia
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):125

AU  A. Guner, A. iNan
TI  An expedition to the inner aegaen (Turkey)
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):127

AU  T. Ekim, B. Mathew
TI  Trade in Turkish geophytes: The latest situation
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):139

AU  Y.Gemici, G.Gork, i. Acar, N.Ozel, S.Gonul
TI  Trees and shrubs in izmir kulturpark
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):147

AU  H. Karaca
TI  Monumental trees of Turkey: 3, iKizpehlivan
SO  Karaca Arboretum, 1(4):159

Editor of the Magazine: Adil GUNER, Ph.D.
Address: Adil Guner, Karaca Arboretum Magazine, P.K. 1130, 06046 Ulus,
         Ankara / Turkey

Published twice a year..

 ( it was enough short and easy with a good ascii/text editor for me.. typing
   10 ten fingers...:-))

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