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Una Smith smith-una at
Fri Nov 20 15:22:11 EST 1992

Dear Friends,

Proceedings of the Symposium on Plant Drugs
(16-19 may 1991, Eskisehir / TURKEY)

has printed as a book and almost all the articles had an English
abstract, in addition to some full English articles, I made an
extraction and obtained their English abstracts in a file as ASCII (readable)

I am negotiating the possibility of putting it onto a server so that
any one in the netland can retreive it any time (s)he wishes.
(But not available automatically yet.)

I will send the file ( about  65 K byte big on DOS, and/or about 1500 lines
long) whoever wishes and sends a mail to this machine address:
  TBAM at tranavm2.bitnet

Note that I will be attending a Pharmacology conference this week and
please be patient to receive the file..  (I will be out of town for some

Yours Friendly,

Suleyman AYDIN (pharmacology student)

Queries/mails for THE file ---> tbam at tranavm2.bitnet
special notes etc for me  ---->  d31 at tranavm1.bitnet


      Una Smith      Biology Department       smith-una at
                     Yale University
                     New Haven, CT  06511

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