opines, Agrobacterium tumifaciens, and heterophyllic aquatic plants

Randall Tyers tyersome at toxic
Fri Nov 20 23:49:28 EST 1992

In article <1992Nov19.164629.19126 at pellns.alleg.edu> keefers at carn19.alleg.edu (Scott Keefer) writes:
>	I am currently doing a research project in which I introduce  
>Agrobacterium tumefacicens into a heterophyllic aquatic plant.  In order  
>to confirm that a DNA transfer has occurred, I must measure if opine  
>synthesis is present.  If anyone has any methods in how to measure this  
>compound, our can suggest any literature about opines, it would be greatly  
>Thank You.
>Scott Keefer
>Allegheny College

My understanding is that most people use a modified Agro plasmid
(acutually a binary plasmid system is used) that has the opine
synthase gene replaced with an antibiotic resistance (eg. Kan^R)
gene.  Is there any reason not to use this in your system?
Incidentaly, Agro only introduces a part of the Ti plasmid (the
T-DNA) into the host plant.  In the wild the bacterium stays outside 
and feeds off the opines that are produced by the transformed plant.
Hope this helps.

Randall Tyers        tyersome at insect.berkeley.edu

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