Dioecious plants

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In article <1992Nov25.184210.23865 at athena.mit.edu> kerrylee at athena.mit.edu (Kerry Lee Tucker) writes:
>  Does anyone out there in botany land have information on the
>genetics of sex determination in dioecious plants?  I'm specifically
>interested in chromosomally determined sexes, but any info would
>be nice.  I think that Asparagrus has sex chromosomes, but I 
>need up to the minute info.

There is an old review by Westergaard that is pretty good.  If
nobody else posts it I'll dig it up for you.

Some of the latest:

Mulcahy et al. (1992) DNA probes for the Y-chromosome of Silene
latifolia, a dioecious angiosperm. Sexual Plant Reproduction 5: 86-88.

This paper describes the use of bulked segregant analysis to
find RAPDs on the Y.

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