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I'm taking the license to relay the following from another list,
in case someone might want to invite him to bionet.plants for discussion.

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Dear networkers,
I subscribed to AGENG-L just few days ago, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Jacek Gowin, I am 44 years old. I work at Agricultural
University, Department of Physics, Lublin, Poland. Ph D since 1981,
Mechanical Properties of Wheat Stems by Means of Holographic

special interests: mechanical properties of crop stems (and agrophysic
                   at all)
special knowledge: mechanical engineering
special experience avaiable at the department:
      pre-sowing magnetic and laser treatment of seeds, mass-spectrometry
      applied to exhaust gas analysis.

Jacek Gowin
Agricultural University,
Dept. of Physics,
Akademicka 13
20-934 Lublin,
  Phone: 48 81 376909
  Fax:   48 81 33549 (refer to Department of Physics)
  E-mail: FIZAR19 AT PLUMCS11
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