Problems shipping seeds overseas?

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Tue Oct 6 21:59:49 EST 1992

In article <15930 at> bwilliam at (Bill Williams) writes:
>A colleague of mine in Asia has asked me to order some seeds for him. 
>Apparently the U.S. vendor he wants to use won't ship overseas.  Am I
>likely to encounter any problems or restrictions? Can I just order the
>seeds and put them in the mail? 
>William E. Williams, bwilliam at
>Divison of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
>St. Mary's College of Maryland
>St. Mary's City, MD 20686

What I am about to say is about twenty years out of date, but possibly
valid still today.

When I was in Israel, I wanted to get some Burpee seed.  I asked my
father ( daylily hobbiest) to send me some.  He checked with a fellow
at Smith College who was a titular plant health inspector (he was curator of
the Smith Greenhouse collections).  My dad was told: as long as the seed
comes in unopened Burpee packets or packages, the Israeli import
inspectors are likely to regard them as "sanitary" because of the 
sanitary procedures that U.S. seed companies must adhere to for
import and even sale of seed around the U.S.A.  My dad put them in an
Air Mail envelope, marked them "vegatable seed: no commercial value"
on the duane slip.  I received them seeing that the envelope had been
opened and resealed, but the seed packets had not been opened.

So if you can purchase from a company like Burpee and are not sending
commercial quantities, just do it.  One cautionary: seed is not always
seized for sanitary reasons....some countries have import/export
restrictions for protectionist reasons.

Hope it helps.

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