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>> Speaking of wheat germ, does anybody know of a commercial
>> source of viable (not rolled) wheat germ? We now make our
>> own by grinding, sieving and floating. We germinate these
>> 24h before use.
> Try calling producers of commercial wheat germ.  You may be 
> gifted with a lifetime supply... it's usually not worth the
> paperwork to bill for a bucket of industrial product scooped
> from the production lines.
> Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI
Yes, I have tried contacting the local mill. However, it seems
that most mills roll wheat seeds to make flour and separate the
now flattened nonviable wheat germ as a byproduct. As you point
out, its possible to get bags of this stuff but it won't
germinate. I'm just hoping that there may be an alternate
commercial process that produced viable wheat embryos (germ).

Pat Covello
Dept. Biochemistry
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS

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