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My name is Gretchen Farwell.  I am a librarian at Steenbock Memorial Library 
on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus.  We are the state resource
library for agriculture and the life sciences.
A current hot topic here is community supported agriculture.  Do any of you
know where I can find published material on this phenomenon?  I currently have
a pamphlet published by the Bio-Dynmanic Farming and Gardening Association
entitled "Community Related Agriculture."  I found only two references in
Agricola to this concept.  One of them is an article entitled "Vegetables for
All" from the September 1987 issue of "Organic Gardening".  I also have a
photocopy of an aticle entitled "Share the Land" from the May 15, 1991,
"Washington Post"; another photocopy of an article entitled "Fresh Hope for
the Small Farmer" (June 1989 from an unknown source).  Steenbock has also
purchased the book, "Farms of Tomorrow", by Trauger Groh and S. McFadden from
the Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association.
I would be grateful to receive any other sources of information about this
concept known as CSA, coummunity-supported agriculture, subscription farming,
or community farms.
I am also interested in finding published information on the concept of local
or indigenous knowledge as applied in "developed" (First and Second World)
countries.  There is a prodigious amount of information concerning Third World
applications of this idea.
Gretchen Farwell
Steenbock Memorial Library
550 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-7574
E-Mail address: farwell at
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