Heavy Metals and Fruit Trees

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:    I am after a information on the effects of heavy metals in 
: the soil on fruit trees.
: Are metals like Pb and Cd detrimental to the growth of trees like
: apples, peaches and pears? Is there any research on tolerable concentrations
: of these elements? Are these metals likely to migrate to the fruit? 
: What type of soil test should be done? Is total Pb and total Cd
: adequate?

There was some work on accumulation of heavy metals in strawberries and
potatoes by Lane and Martin at Plymouth Polytechnic (UK) in 1981/82.

I don't know where the work was published, but I know the issue was
topical at the time in Devon and Cornwall (UK) where there are rich
mineral deposits and the soils in some areas are contaminated with
heavy metals.

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