Plants in hospitals

Robert J. Lebowitz lebowitz at krypton.Mankato.MSUS.EDU
Wed Oct 21 11:48:28 EST 1992

Okay... here's a question which I got from a student who stopped by my office 
this morning.  According to the student, one of my colleagues stated in lecture
that some hospitals prohibit house plants in patients' rooms in order to 
prevent a loss of oxygen during the evening when they respire.  While I 
found this statement rather ludicrous myself, I could see a hospital 
official making this kind of statement in order to limit houseplants for some
other reason (the mess they make, or perhaps the fact that nobody takes care
of them and they have to be thrown out later on).  

Out of consideration for my colleague, I thought I'd ask if anyone can cite a
reference on this topic that supports this statement.  

Gasp..... I've run out of oxygen writing this note..... Rob
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