In situ hibridization in insect cells

Ana M. Espinoza Esquivel AMESPINO at UCRVM2.BITNET
Fri Oct 23 11:43:42 EST 1992

My name is Ana Espinoza, I am a plant Virologist and I work at the University
of Costa Rica. I am very interested in the virus-vector relationships of a
rice virus, rice hoja blanca virus (tenuivirus). Both rice and the insect
vector are hosts for the virus, and furthermore, the virus is transmitted via
the eggs of Tagosodes oryzicolus (vector of the virus). We have partially
cloned the virus and have probes available to do in situ hibridization studies
in the insect tissues. We can prepare RNA or DNA probes of the viral genomic
RNA. We are interested in detecting the virus particles (the virus has four
ssRNAs and it is a tenuivirus related to the animal bunyaviridae). Would you
be so kind to send references, protocols or any other information that could
be useful to us. My adrress is Ana M. Espinoza, CIBCM, Universidad de Costa
Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica, America Central. My e-mail is
amespino at ucrvm2 (Bitnet).  Thanks for your attention.   Dr. Ana M. Espinoza

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