Domestication of poison ivy (was: THE prevalent tree)

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>>...................  Written for the "general public in non-technical 
>>style" it has chapters on the history of poison ivy (has been a desireable
>>ornamental in some European gardens for example), .............
>In certain European countries, some houses are surrounded by high walls,
>and to be sure, thick broken wine bottle are cemented on top.  I wonder
>of the desirable garden PI is just a more subtle form of broken glass? ;^)
Hurry, please, someone more knowledgeable, and straighten
us out on this one.  The story I'd always heard was that
The English Are Different From Us, and take their gardening
VERY seriously, and some of them are so wild for special
effects that they're willing, and even eager, to trade
poison ivy's admittedly distinctive fall foliage for its
hostility to human ways.  They like the color of the leaves,
and, to a lesser extent, its varied habits.

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