Help: humongous leaves!

Tue Oct 27 13:38:00 EST 1992

	I concur with the shade leaf idea.  It was my first thought. I do not
know what the upper limit on leaf size for any particular tree would be but
particularly on oaks with lobed leaves, I've seen sun and shade leaves that
look as though they came from completely different species of tree.  The sun
leaves were smaller and more deeply lobed while the shade leaves were larger
and much more shallowly lobed.  One quick character to look for is shiny-ness
of the upper surface.  The sun leaves have a thick cuticle while the shade
leaves have a thinner one and thus appear dull.  Hope that this was of some
Melissa Melan
Department of Biological Sciences
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA  02181

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