Domestication of poison ivy (was: THE prevalent tree)

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>>>style" it has chapters on the history of poison ivy (has been a desireable
>>>ornamental in some European gardens for example), .............
>>In certain European countries, some houses are surrounded by high walls,
>>and to be sure, thick broken wine bottle are cemented on top.  I wonder
>>of the desirable garden PI is just a more subtle form of broken glass? ;^)
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>Hurry, please, someone more knowledgeable, and straighten
>us out on this one.  The story I'd always heard was that
>The English Are Different From Us, and take their gardening
>VERY seriously, and some of them are so wild for special
>effects that they're willing, and even eager, to trade
>poison ivy's admittedly distinctive fall foliage for its
>hostility to human ways.  They like the color of the leaves,
>and, to a lesser extent, its varied habits.

Well as an inhabitant of the UK and consequently Europe - the numbers
of PI cases are VERY small.  In fact I have read with great interest
the ongoing 'when I had PI cases...' that have been going across the
net these past few months.  You certainly wouldn't find PI running
rampant across many country homes in the UK - maybe elsewhere in
Europe is different - but somehow I think not.  Most country
dwellers prefer large ferocious dogs and/or razor wire to keep
undesireables out!

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