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Wed Oct 28 14:42:27 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct28.124236.23100 at>, young at (Rich Young) writes:
>   I have an arcane question: what are the claimed medicinal uses of the
>   following substances?
>	Boswellic acid (as derived from Boswellia serrata)
>	Guggulsterones (as derived from Commiphora mukul)
>   I've speculated that the Boswellic acid must have something to do with
>   indigestion and Samuel Johnson's biographer, but the person who wants to
>   know hit me, so that must not be it.   ;*)
First, it is not an "arcane" question.  Unusual, in this country maybe.
Give me some more information, such as where did you come up with this
question and/or read about it.  I'll post a response after I am able to
get to my books.

Robyn Klein

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