homologous recombination / gene targetting

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Thu Oct 29 07:40:00 EST 1992


This is a plea for help with literature and / or info:  I would like some kind
soul to tell me - briefly - whether much is known about homologous recombina-
tion / gene targetting in plants.  Specifically, I would like to know whether
anyone has tried (or knows of someone who has) to introduce foreign genes into
plant chromosomal DNA by means of homologous recombination.  By this I mean the
mechanism that is used to get things into E coli chromosome, poxviruses,
baculoviruses, etc - that is, putting a gene/promoter construct in between a
few hundred bases which have homology to the ends of a gene which is normally 
to be found in the genome to be engineered.

Does anyone know of an instance where this has been done for plant chromosomal
genes?  Which gene(s)?  How much overlap was necessary?  Does it work the same
in dicots and monocots?

I would deeply appreciate any help which may be offered.
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