Misc.rural & rec.gardens FAQ's available at new FTP & mail site

Lawrence London Lawrence.London at bbs.oit.unc.edu
Sun Sep 27 20:36:00 EST 1992

The following FAQ's are available via FTP from:

Documents are located in:
    /pub/docs/sustainable_agriculture [general information]

Those without access to FTP may e-mail me your requests
for files and I will send them to you.

Any new FAQ's, FAQ updates or other documents may be sent
to the collection via FTP or to me by e-mail.


buyingruralland.faq     ruralhomes.faq          ruralorganizations.faq
handtoolsources.faq     ruralinfo-misc.faq      ruralsuppliers.faq
ruralbooks.faq          ruralmagazines.faq


bulbs.faq        gardensoft.faq   roses.faq
fertilizers.faq  peppers.faq      seedcats.faq


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lawrence.london at bbs.oit.unc.edu

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