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>>I am looking for a source of mail order farm hand tools.  In the
>>specific I am looking for a walk behind row seed planter plus
>>other types of tools.
>>I will post a summary if there is interest.
Please send it to me in e-mail and I'll make it, along with
many other lists, FAQ's and articles, available via FTP,
e-mail, mailing list and WAIS/GOPHER. See my addresses below.
>No specific mention of the walk behind row seed planter handy; the recent
Request a catalog from:
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Foss Hill Road
Albion, Maine, 04910
Customer service: 1-207-437-4301 
They supply EARTHWAY and PLANET, Jr. seeders and will, on request
give you information on suppliers of other seeders (i.e. a small hand-carried
corn/bean seeder. You may want to hybridyze the EW and the P, Jr.
when planting small seeds in rough terrain. An organic vegetable grower
I know here in N.C. has successfully done this.
>Whole Earth "Ecolog" mentioned five tool suppliers for farm and garden
>supplies; my hunch would be try Lehman's Hardware and Appliances,
>their catalog is $2.00 from PO Box 41, 4779 Kidron Rd., Kidron OH 44636;
>or Cumberland's, catalog $3.00 from rt. 3 box 81, Crossville TN 38555, and
>they have a telephone: 615-484-8481.

A.E. Leonard
somewhere in Ohio or perhaps Illinois
Mostly tree maintenance and nursery equipment, 
plus miscellaneous gardening/landscaping tools/supplies

Lima, Ohio (I think)
similar to Leonard

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
somewhere in Alabama or Louisiana
tools, equipment and supplies for the forestry industry

[I will look up addresses for the above companies if anyone needs them]

"A Collection of the World's Finest Hand Tools"
P.O. Box 453
Blairstown, N.J., 07825
Toll Free: 1-800-362-1991

Smith and Hawken
"Tools of the Trade - A Complete Source For the Organic Gardener"
25 Corte Madera 
Mill Valley, California, 94941
Also excellent! you may need to ask them what tools they
have for sale that are not listed in their catalogue,
i.e. held-over stock offered in out-of-date ones -
ask them to continue carrying the 4"X7" Japanese field hoe
(grub-type eye hoe using 1 3/4" X 54" handle) they used to offer,
and indispensible tool!

The Cook's Garden
"Seeds and Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden"
P.O. Box, 535
Londonderry, Vermont, 05148
Offers the Korean "HO-MI" hand cultivator (curved trowel/cultivator),
well-designed and effective

Necessary Trading Co.
One Nature's Way
New Castle, Virginia, 24127-0305
FAX - 703/864-5186
Phone: 1-703-864-5103
"Natural Solutions for Farm, Home and Garden"
Wide range of supplies, books, fertilizers, tools and equipment -
catalogue headings include: books, composting equipment & supplies,
soil testing equipment & supplies, cover crop seeds, fertilizers
(their largest offering), pest management supplies and equipment,
wild bird supplies, animal care supplies and miscellaneous hand tools.
A major supplier, along with Zook & Ranck and Fertrell, for organic 
farmers and market growers in the Eastern U.S.  

I have fabricated a tricycle-type human powered wheel hoe 
(push-type, not pedaled) that appears to be very efficient and effective.
I use plow points from old Wheel Hoe plows and from row tractor tillage
tools. In earth that has been rotovated 3-6 months ago I can produce
finely tilled ground to a depth of 6-8". Does a fine job of stripping
weeds out by the roots and is relatively easy to push. Price on request :-).

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