FTP site now available for rec.gardens FAQ's

Lawrence London Lawrence.London at bbs.oit.unc.edu
Sun Sep 27 00:43:51 EST 1992

[Please disregard my previous post; I made a mistake in
specifying the directory location of the files]

An FTP site has been set up for rec.gardens FAQ's. Anybody
without access to FTP may e-mail me your document requests
and I'll send them to you.

Please FTP or e-mail me any new or updated FAQ's and I'll post them as
soon as received.

This is the current list:


FTP to sunsite.unc.edu
files are in /pub/docs/sustainable_agriculture/recgardens

Misc.rural FAQ's will soon be available.

Let me know if you run into any problems getting the files.


london at sunsite.unc.edu
lawrence.london at bbs.oit.unc.edu
larry at wolves.durham.nc.us [don't send requests to me at this address]
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