rna from seeds

suter at VAX.MPIZ-KOELN.MPG.dbp.de suter at VAX.MPIZ-KOELN.MPG.dbp.de
Tue Sep 22 10:46:41 EST 1992

dear net,

i am posting this for detlef becker in our lab, who is currently isolating RNA
from seeds (phenol method).
however, he co-purifies a brownish colour along with his RNA. how can he get 
rid of this, and does it interfere with cDNA synthesis (he wants to construct 
a cDNA library). he remembers a discussion about this topic, missed the 
conclusion however.

please answer to "dbecker at vax.mpiz-koeln.mpg.dbp.de" or the net.

cheers, clemens

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