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Ricardo, would you care to explain how we should use the infrastructure
wisely, or is your contribution simply to criticise those of us who are
able to make use of bionet without a guilty conscience?

My motivation in proposing the creation of bionet.plants was to make
contact with other computer literate plant biologists.  I do not
consider the existence of a global telecomunications network to be the
underlying cause of poverty and disease in the less developed world.

I regard the existence of such a network to be an asset that can be
used to great advantage in the dissemination of ideas.  My particular
interest is in plant biology but, as I'm sure we all did, I read the
email from China during the Tianenmen Square incident and most of us
accept that the inability of the authorities to prevent email and fax
transmissions under these circumstances enables the eyes of the world
to witness the terrible events that could not then be hidden or denied.

I have, myself, been involved in FAO projects on human energy
requirements in which we 'exploited' technology without hesitation in
order to help government planners and aid agencies best utilise the
limited resources at their disposal.  Are people like us who 'play'
with technology responsible for food rotting in the ships because
military forces in the area either steal the aid or shoot anyone who
tries to transport it to the people who need it?

I agree that bionet.plants is not the place to pursue this argument and
anyone who feels it necessary to Follow-up should do so to
bionet.general, or propose bionet.politics.

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