Let's Make that Rose Amino Acids?

Jeffrey A. Del Col br105 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sun Sep 20 18:40:02 EST 1992

I just re-read my original posting on identifying roses by genetic
markers and realized that might be too daunting a task.  What I REALLY
had in mind was a much cruder method similar to something I did with
fruit flies back in high school in the 1960's. I used irradiated and 
control group flies to see whether I could differentiate among them 
on the basis of fluorescent amino acid bands that showed up on
paper chromatography strips under UV light.  Would such an approach
make sense, or would all species of roses have the same amino acid
(or whatever) content?

	This may soound like a ridiculous project, but some rose
"species", R. hugonis comes to mind, may well be hybrids, and I thought
it would be interesting to come up with some way to determine this
without going the classic Mendelian route of repeated outcrossings,
if such a thing is even possible with roses.

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