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In article <1992Sep15.131806.9024 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> CAMPBELL at FRCICT81.EARN writes:
>Fellow plantbionetters,
>Much as I would like to discuss the virtues of American Fighter Jets
>(no offence Toby, I noticed that even you were reluctant to pursue thek

But not reluctant to indicate that sometimes he thinks of trees, or
perhaps tree improvement/modification, in terms of recreational

By bringing an "aviation" background to Forestry, he has a different
or unique perspective....and might catch some of his colleagues off
guard every once in a while.  :^)

> .....I saw something which ran through bionet-plants the other day
>which was *plant* related and to which someone (from a Crop Science Dept.,
>I believe)  

So far, I'm the only one signaturing from a crop sci dept.

>....... posted some mis-information as a reply.  Given that this is
>a forum for plant biology, perhaps the original post should be replied to
>with a rectified response.

Again, it's a matter of perspective:  you think you answered a plant
biology question, but I think I answered a *drug* question, appropriatety. 

You don't have to refer to me obliquely: I put my signature on my
posts and may be quoted for I say.  :^)

>Now plantbionetters, back to your regularly scheduled rhetoric...


One way to solve the rhetoric or content disatisfaction problem is quite
simple: initiate and lead a discussion thread.  Haven't got the time?
A bit tongue tied?  Your boss won't let you offer an opinion in public?
Haven't the interest to indulge in some a low level of intellectual
activety?  Never took a public stand every in your life?  

I've got a little list...a list of excuses that will never be missed,
no, never be missed.  :^)

Whether I devote 5% or 50% of a post to F4s, I'm certainly not stepping
on the turbulent flow of PLANT BIOLOGY DISCUSSION. Well, why hasn't
there been a torrent of PLANY BIOLOGY DISCUSSION threads.  Is this such
a dead head research area that there's nothing to discuss?  Or do all of
you think that your thinking is sooo unique that your highly original ideas
will be ripped off?  ;^)

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