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S. A. Modena samodena at
Tue Sep 15 20:03:58 EST 1992

"HERB(r) TOOLKIT: Software to Customize HERB to Regional Requirements
   without Reprogramming or Recompiling"
S.A. Modena, H.D. Coble and G.G. Wilkerson, North Carolina State Univ.

"HERB is decision aid software for MS-DOS computers supporting weed
management using postemergence herbicides.  The current version is
suited to North Carolina.  We are liciensing the HERB TOOLKIT to 
appropriate experts who will create and distribute regionalized versions
of HERB.  The TOOLKIT software allows a non-programmer to modify and
customize supporting database values for weed selection, weed
competitive indices, available herbicides and tank mixtures, herbicide
efficacies, loss function coefficients and also the logo and introductory
screens.  We will demonstrate software customization that requires no 
knowledge of programming or source code recompilation."

	    1992 Annual Meetings
	    American Society of Agronomy
            Crop Science Society of America
            Soil Science Society of America
            Clay Minerals Society

This Software Scene "poster session/computer demo" will be on November 3rd
from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Come visit.

Anyone else making a presentation at the ASA mettings?

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