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In article <92816005239.MIN-LBQAa02263.bionet-news at> you wrote:
: [... Steve]
: Whether I devote 5% or 50% of a post to F4s, I'm certainly not stepping
: on the turbulent flow of PLANT BIOLOGY DISCUSSION. Well, why hasn't
: there been a torrent of PLANY BIOLOGY DISCUSSION threads.  Is this such
: a dead head research area that there's nothing to discuss?  Or do all of
: you think that your thinking is sooo unique that your highly original ideas
: will be ripped off?  ;^)

Actually, bionet.plants is a reasonably active group despite the
occasional off-the-topic comments that are normal in an un-moderated

News groups go through cycles of activity (and flame wars) but I am not
unhappy with our progress so far.  Perhaps some readers (the 'silent'
readers) prefer to participate passively, but that is missing the true
potential of this medium.

There seems to be a misconception amongst BIOSCI readers about the nature
of bionet.  The prevalent Q&A style encourages a guru/novice attitude to
the discussions.  This is a public forum where people can state their
views and participate in wide ranging discussions.

I am not quite so arrogant as to think my ideas are entirely original but
I do accept Steve's point that people may be unwilling to discuss work that
has not yet been published.  However, bionet is no different from any other
forum in that respect is it?

Don't forget that bionet.plants is what *we* make it.  I expect it
doesn't meet Beverly Seavy's criteria for worthwhile intellectual
discussions :-> But, I find it interesting enough to keep reading and
posting, so in my view it is worth participating actively.

If you think my attempts to start threads are irrelevant to your work
then post your own opinions about an area that does interest you.

Some of the best ideas in plant biology started out as intellectually
'light-weight' chats between students over a beer, so don't write this
forum off because of its informality - it is what *we* make it.

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