poppies and pot

klier at iscsvax.uni.edu klier at iscsvax.uni.edu
Tue Sep 15 13:11:20 EST 1992

> BTW, if you are still hung up on the narcotic value of poppy seeds:
> a report presented at the 1988 meeting of the Groupe Polyphenol
> demonstrated the alkaloid content of poppy seed cakes.  From a
> natural products chemistry point of view the content of alkaloids in these
> cakes was significant - from a practical point of view, *rats* would have
> to consume kilogram quantities of the cakes in order to have an alkaloid
> mediated change in cerebral activity (mind you, other natural products would
> probably kill them long before they had that chance).  Stick to coffee.

Here in the Land of Drug Paranoia**, urban legend has it that a whole
busload of army recruits failed their entrance physical, all for
USING HEROIN!!!-- at least, that's what the urinalysis claimed...

Turns out the bus had stopped at a fast food joint that happened to
serve poppyseed hamburger buns...

Kay Klier    Biology Dept  UNI

**We have reached the level of silliness here that some people are
refusing to take ANY drug-- even insulin! and others are preaching that
ALL drug use is wrong.  Me, I still take my ibuprofen, antihistamines, 
and decongestants, just like the MD ordered ;^)   At least to my mind,
there's a difference between "recreational drugs" and therapeutic ones...

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