Weed biology (was information-based farming)

klier at iscsvax.uni.edu klier at iscsvax.uni.edu
Mon Sep 14 19:57:13 EST 1992

samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu (S. A. Modena) replies to Klier:
> One of the most disturbing things I see is the hardware outlet or
> K-Mart with it's wall of "garden and lawn" chemicals.  Though
> there rarely are any glass containers, I regard that concentration of
> that much chemical in one place, stacked so high and in the hands of
> personal that sure do not understand the consequences possible, just
> makes me shutter.......I used to be a chemical laboratory technician
> and the company I worked for was very, very safety strict when it
> came to bulk chemical storage and handling.

> Some states, like Florida and California, have Master Gardeners which
> are "extensions" of the urban Extensions Agents...and might begin to
> make a dent in just the homeowner educational problem you are alluding to.

We have Master Gardeners, too, but somehow the word just isn't getting out.
I often pop into local nurseries, K-Marts, etc., and stop in the lawn
junk section -- mainly to see of the pruners have gone on sale (my students
seem to metabolize them).  I often wind up answering questions from the
general public. (Maybe I should quit carrying my Felco #2's-- people think
I work there. ;-)  )

I don't know what the solution really is.  I'd love to see *most* pesticides
put on a restricted list, but I don't think that one will fly around here.
In the meantime, I guess I'll continue my informal teaching wherever
I find someone to educate.


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