Growth of plants(?)

Danny Nathin DiDio 901371d at
Sat Sep 12 15:38:33 EST 1992

 I'm in a jam guys.I need some information on the trimming
of plants.I have a small hemp plant growing and I'm now conducting
some experiments.
 What I'm currently doing is prunning.I want to develop a method
to get the best growth from the plant.
 So far I've cut the head of the plant and it's growth is divided
into two sections.I've left one to spread it's leaves twice and
the other to spread once before cutting.
 At present the one that I left longer before cutting(spread it's
leaves twice) is now much bigger than the other,almost if not twice
the size!
 I'm not so much debaiting on which method is correct,but
on the reasons why.
 I've come to the conclusion that the plant instinctively grew
faster in the other direction because at the present state it was not
dammaged.Even though the other side of the plant may start to catch up,
I'm almoost positive it won't.
 I guess if you were to block off a highway and subdivide it,making
a fork in the road,theorectically you would have equal traffic.But
if you blocked off one of the roads,you would get double the traffic
in the the other part of the plant,do you get it,that's why the plant
is twice as big on the part that I left alone.
 But there are many complications.If you were to look in the long run,
the extension that was cut first(section A) will have more forks 
in it's structure.Section B(the one cut latter) will have bigger and
stronger structure at first,but may loose ground in the long run.
 I guess that I'll have to wait and see,maybe I should get into the
field of study.
 If any information can be given it would be greaty appreciated
Mail is much more conservative,thankyou.

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