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>>Steve Modena
>>re: RAPDs and Ron Sederoff
>>Keith Robison made a similar recommendation months ago.  
>>Whooten in that lab has a BitNet account and knows about bionet.
>>My email to them has not been treated with a courtesy of a reply.  ;^)
>Probably Ross don't realize his name has been changed from
>"Whetten" to "Whooten".

And the *real* Whooten is sitting out there wondering if I've gone
bonkers.  My apologies for mispelling Whetten's name.  8=)   

>fighter aircraft.  Static stability requires the CG forward
>of the center of lift, and dynamic stability means that
>deviations from trimmed flight are damped rather that
>amplified.  Stability is the antithesis of maneuverability,
>so fighters are "less stable" than transports, but they
>are stable in the aerodynamic senses.

Well, one last public word on fighter aircraft (you get to appreciate
those F4s and Mirages and Sky Hawks practicing overhead as you irrigate
your citrus groves in the shadow of the Lebonese border):

Yes, that's the way I understand it too.  So, looking back to the sense
of what I *originally* said: if I'm in a 8G turn trying to get my
Vulcan right on that guy's head....and the trim control computer goes
to sleep, can I just reach over and hand adjust it all without missing
a blink...or might I be in danger if I don't let off?  (OF course, answer
by email so we don't upset everyone  8=)  ).

>>Are trees plants?  ;^)
>Only on the outside.  On the inside they're an advanced composite
>of cellulose fiber-reinforced lignoplastic, suitable for construction
>of the spars on a Pitts Special.

Yes, of course, that's I would have said, too.

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