McClintock book

Nina Fedoroff fedoroff at MAIL1.CIWEMB.EDU
Tue Sep 8 03:47:40 EST 1992

  REGARDING              McClintock book#000#
I was delighted to see the info on the McClintock book (The Dynamic Genome) on
the news group  --  many thanks.  I hope those of you who read it have as much
fun as David Botstein and I had putting it together.

Those of you who knew McClintock might be happy to know that we were able to
assemble the book without her knowledge and present it to her on her 90th
birthday with about half the authors in attendance, including Harriet
Creighton, her co-author on the famous early paper on crossing over.  Barbara
was surprised and delighted with the book, although I suspect that she was
unable to read much of it before her death last Wednesday because of her
failing eyesight.  You might also like to know that she was in reasonably good
spirits and had attended a party last Monday.

It has been a great pleasure and honor to have known and worked with her.

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