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Tue Sep 8 15:23:33 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep5.212131.21717 at> ajt at writes:

>Ricardo, we are using the maize internode as a model system to investigate
>cellwall biogenisis in relation to degradability in the rumen.  Does the
>new book discuss issues such as the chemical composition and anatomy of
>different cell lines ?

It doesn't seem so.  The relevant sections (II. Cell Biology and IV. Cell
Culture Protocols) either mention techniques or dwell on in-vitro cell 
regeneration (from protoplasts, somatic cells, shoot meristems, inflorescence),
and chemical composition per se is not mentioned.

The above description of your work sounds surprisingly similar to that
being performed here by Dwayne Buxton.  Are you acquainted with him or
his work?  I don't believe he's "connected," but if you're interested
in establishing contact write him at: Dept. of Agronomy, Iowa State Univ.
Ames, IA 50011-1010 USA, or call him at: 515-294-9654 (and do try to be
circumspect about who has "inculpated" him ;).


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