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No. 39                            September 7, 1992

Address: aceska at         Victoria, B.C.


Adapt and extend hydrologic models to analyze effects of land
use and climate change on peak and low streamflows in mountain
watersheds.  Ph.D. in hydrology or related field, experience
with computer modelling required.  Full-time, fixed-term
12-month position, $25,000-$30,000 depending on experience. 
Full benefits. Send letter of application, complete resume,
transcripts of university work, and three letters of
recommendation by Sept. 25, 1992 to:  Dr. Logan Norris, Head,
Dept. of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
97331-5705.  For more information, contact Dr. Gordon Grant
(503- 750-7328; grant at or Dr. Julia Jones
(503-737-6578; jjones at


The Department of Botany at Oklahoma State University seeks
candidates for a 9-11 month postdoctoral position for United
States Forest Service-funded research on quantitative
floristics.  Familiarity with conservation biology, botanical
nomenclature, library methods, computer spreadsheets,
statistical methods, and word processing is essential.  For full
consideration, applications must be received by November 1,
1992.  Anticipated starting date is January 1, 1993.  For
application and position details, please contact Dr. Michael
Palmer, Department of Botany, Oklahoma State University,
Stillwater OK 74078 USA, Bitnet: BTNYMWP at OSUCC,  Phone:
405-744-7717.  Mike will be out of the country from Sept. 1 -
Sept. 18, so please inquire after Sept. 18.


Tom Rosatti <rosatti at arbutus.Berkeley.EDU>:

Thanks for the e-mail concerning The Jepson Manual. I served as
a scientific editor of that project from December of 1987 until
May of 1992, when I became project coordinator of SMASCH, about
which Tom Duncan has recently informed you via this same medium.
[The goal of this project is to implement a data model and begin
the development of a database of California collections held in
California herbaria. - Tom Duncan] The last I knew, final text
was planned for submittal to the publisher (UC Press, I think)
in October of this year, with the book due out in early 1993 at
a cost of $55. You should contact Stone or Vorobik, each of whom
is still working on the project, to confirm these and other

Sean O'Hara <SAOUC%UCCMVSA.bitnet at>:

A call to the Jepson Herbarium at UCB reveals that they are just
finishing it up now, and it will go to UC Press soon. 
Apparently this is a TOTAL, LIKE WOW MAN!! redo still according
to Jepson's original ideas, but with new illustrations,
groupings, etc., Some interest in pre-ordering has been
expressed throughout California, but nothing is yet set up, nor
has a price even been set.  It is expected to be out in
December/January.  Inquiries SHOULD NOT BE MADE TO THE ALREADY
OVERWORKED HERBARIUM STAFF (my emphasis as I know what pressure
they are under!), but might be made to U.C. Press
(1-(800)-822-6657), though they do not have any real information
at the moment.  You might try in late fall to see if things are
more concrete.

From: Peter Brueggeman <brueggep at sandnet.UCSD.EDU>
      [cross-posted from <iamslic at>]

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library is analyzing
price increases for its subscriptions and has examined its
Elsevier and Pergamon titles.  I thought others might find
this analysis interesting....Peter Brueggeman

Our 33 Pergamon subscriptions are increasing from a total
expenditure of $32,336.97 for 1992 to $41,840.50 for 1993,
an overall increase of 29.39%.  The spread for price
increases ranged from 9.4 to 55%. We used Pergamon's quote
of $1.90/pound sterling which they are honoring through Dec.

Our 39 Elsevier subscriptions are increasing from $39,621.51
to $52,484.65, a 32.45% increase.  The spread ranged from 8%
to 91%. We used Elsevier's quote of 1.66 Guilders/$1.00.

Titles with large increases are supposed to have increased
numbers of pages for 1993.

[Peter Brueggeman lists the price increases for each journal. If
you are interested in the full listing, send me a note:
aceska at]

From:  Joachim Benz <benz at>

The ECOSYS-L mailing list is intended to provide a forum to
discuss problems in the fields of ecosystem theory and
modelling. In addition there should be discussed the current
state of the art and future of standardization and documentation
of mathematical descriptions for ecological processes.

ECOSYS-L can be used also as a forum to discuss results of the
just started research project 'Analysis of existing models of
nutrient-cycles in agro-ecosystems'. One of the main tasks of
this project is, to built up a database of documentations of
mathematical description of ecological processes (ECOBAS).
Information can be requested from ECOBAS via E-mail. (We are
interested to put through this project with a broad discussion
with other researchers. Further information about this project
can be requested from Joachim Benz <benz at>.)
To subscribe, send the following command to LISTSERV at DEARN
(bitnet) or LISTSERV at (in the BODY of e-mail):
subscribe ECOSYS-L firstname lastname
After subscribing, messages may be sent to
the list by sending to:
ECOSYS-L at DEARN (bitnet) or ECOSYS-L at
Owner:  Joachim Benz <benz at>


Fedoroff, N. & D. Bolstein [Editors]. 1992. The Dynamic Genome:
Barbara McClintock's Ideas in the Century of Genetics.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press,  422 p., illus. indexes,
Cloth $65 (+ $5.50 postage) ISBN 0-87969-422-X

Nina Fedoroff's book on McClintock's work has just become
available.  It is an eclectic collection of memoirs and
technical reviews of McClintock's ideas, personality and
scientific contributions, most composed by intimate
acquaintances on the occasion of B.M.'s 90th birthday. 

Call toll-free: 1-800-843-4388 (continental U.S. and Canada) or
Call 516-349-1930 (all other locations) FAX: 516-349-1946


One (or two) of the future issues of BEN will bring a summary of
the Biodiversity Conference in Sacramento July 13-17, 1992
"Biodiversity in the Managed Landscape: Theory and Practice."

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