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Fri Sep 4 11:41:52 EST 1992

On the subject of new publications, Springer-Verlag has scheduled
release of "The Maize Handbook" for this Fall.  Their publicity

The Maize Handbook
Michael Freeling and Virginia Walbot, editors

This important book will be an indispensible resource for all students
of maize.  Maize has been prominent as a model for research in genetics
for many decades, and has a collection of methods and mutants unmatched
among plants.  New developments in cell and molecular biology have kept
maize at the forefront of plant research.  The Maize Handbook has been
compiled by a distinguished group of maize researchers to serve as  a
community resource.  The book presents dozens of current protocols in
all areas of maize biology, and includes major sections on development,
morphology and cell biology which will be invaluable to workers needing
detailed guides to maize at the cell, tissue and molecular levels.

Approx. 500 pp./Softcover, comb bound $79 (tentative)/ISBN 0-387-97826-7

Contents are organized as follows:

I.   Development and Morphology, edited by Scott Poethig

II.  Cell Biology, edited by Ann Sylvester

III. Genetics Protocols, edited by Ron Phillips and Jim Birchler

IV.  Molecular Biology Protocols, edited by Sue Wessler

V.   Cell Culture Protocols, edited by Ron Phillips

Springer-Verlag can be contacted by calling toll-free: 1-800-SPRINGER in
the continental U. S.  (777-4643 in New Jersey, 201-348-4033 in Canada).

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