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For those of you not on the mailing list of the Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratory Press, Nina Fedoroff's book on McClintock's work has just
become available.  It is an eclectic collection of memoirs and technical
reviews of McClintock's ideas, personality and scientific contributions,
most composed by intimate acquaintances on the occasion of B.M.'s 90th
birthday.  Herewith the essential details:

Barbara McClintock's Ideas in the Century of Genetics

Edited by Nina Fedoroff, Carnegie Institution of Washington, David
Bolstein, Stanford University School of Medicine.

1992, 422 pp., illus. indexes, Cloth $65 (+ $5.50 postage)
ISBN 0-87969-422-X

There are dozens of contributors, all organized within the following

  (Mostly papers of McClintock and her students, plus Rhoades' paper
   on the early years of maize genetics)

  (Aside from the technical reviews there are several anectodal
   contributions that accurately reflect the ferment generated by the
   concept of transposons; J.G. Gall contributes a paper on "The Nucleolar
   Organizing Element," another of McClintocks coups.)
  (Appropriately, this is the pith of the book, ending with McClintock's
   1978 review: "Mechanisms That Rapidly Reorganize the Genome.")

The Nobel Prize and a Molecular Retrospective
  (Featuring her Nobel acceptance address and papers by Blackburn and


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