Fairchild Gardens

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Tue Sep 1 21:07:29 EST 1992

In article <Ellenb-010992091020 at mac6.dev.upenn.edu.>, Ellenb at mac.dev.upenn.edu (Ellen Bart) writes:
> Alas, the Fairchild Tropical Garden was decimated by the storm.  According
> to someone down there, the Garden was "leveled."  The buildings, though,
> are still standing.
> I know that other arboreta/gardens are sending help, but I don't know if
> they expect to do anything other than clear out debris.

There is a group of people, mostly botany dept, from UF in Gainesville going
down to Fairchild Sept 5 to help right trees and such.  We'll be in the gardens
and the Kampong for the weekend.

I'll post what we see.  Reports, so far, say that the damage wasn't as bad
everyone first thought. Hope they're right.

bye.... John

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