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>Is this return to high frequency storms associated with global warming ??
As others have commented, it's not
clear that this is a well-posed
>And, what did the hurricane do to the fragile ecosystem of the everglades ??
Hurricanes are *part* of "the
fragile ecosystem ..."  That's far
from a complete answer, of course,
but perhaps it's appropriate to
note at least that.
>The UK was lashed by the tail end of these storms over the weekend and THAT
>was bad enough.  As you know, I am interested in the ability of crops to
>resist 'lodging' damage.  The crops in the North East of Scotland have been
I didn't know, but perhaps I haven't
been reading bionet.plants long enough.
Please, tell more:  do Scots farmers
interplant barley with oats to reduce
lodging?  What other crops have problems
with lodging?  What approaches--plant
breeding?  other?--are taken to improving
European cultivars in these regards?

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