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: Talk about 'mythic' imaginings.....

Ok, let's change the name of this thread.

: Kurosawa was FIRST with 'the seven samuri' and 'the mag 7' came
: after....Hollywood doesn't lead it follows...just as there are
: different ideas about 'scientific' and 'mythic' which include
: the one that 'myth' is 'science' and 'science' is 'myth'. Farming

You forgot to mention the myth that science is science :->

: of any kind is 'science' - in that to plant, tend, harvest and
: plant again shows experimentation and a 'rational' belief in
: repeatability.....and it is also explained 'sceintifically' through
: 'myth'....

Hmmm. I thought 'science' was the cycle of observation, hypothesis,

The psychologist Skinner proposed that all human behaviour is
deterministic.  If that is true then, ultimately, the outcome of all
scientific experimentation is predictable and a 'rational' belief in
repeatability is little more than acceptance of pre-ordination.

I, of course, design all my experiments using a dice :-)

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