RAPD mapping

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Wed Sep 30 15:36:36 EST 1992

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In article <1992Sep28.144722.666 at ncsu.edu> rosswhet at forbt2.nrrc.ncsu.edu (Ross Whetten) writes:
> The short answer to the above question is likely to be "No, RFLPS
> are not worth the effort for QTL mapping for practical tree breeding
> purposes", because of the linkage equilibrium problem.

Practical tree breeding in tropical and subtropical conifers is into
the third breeding cycle using extremely small heterozygous lines.
Could one really argue that linkage equilibrium is present in the
domesticated population? It may not always be necessary to genotype
an entire population, But if genotyping an entire population is
necessary then genotyping a small population is not an arduous task.

RFLP and RAPD markers would take the same amount of time.

   --Claire Williams

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