Methanol as a "fertilizer"

Tony Travis ajt at
Sat Apr 10 17:50:33 EST 1993

Bill Mammel (wmammel at edu.unl.hoss) wrote:
: In last Sunday's Omaha World Herald, there was an article about using methanol
: as a plant fertilizer in Arizona.  The original research was published in
: the October issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1992)
: by Andrew Benson [Scripps Institution of Oceanography] and Arthur Nonomura
: [??].  Our library system has discontinued its subscription as of 12/91.
: [...]

Methanol is toxic to humans, as many of us pointed out when this topic
was discussed previously.  In view of the precautions that are
specified when handling methanol in the lab and the legal limits on the
level of methanol permitted in the workplace I am surprised to see its
use advocated in this thread (esp. as an aerosol spray).

In particular, frequent exposure to methanol vapour may cause blindness
and it should be avoided by use of the correct solvent handling
procedures.  The solvent manufacturer should supply this information
and details of how to deal with accidental spills etc. safely.

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