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This Initiative is intended to help reinvigorate taxonomic research and
training in UK Higher Education Institutions and to stimulate the
environmental applications of taxonomic research.  A 'package' of highly
prestigious fellowships, research grants and support for short courses has
been awarded to the University of Glasgow, Imperial College, London and
the University of Reading.=20

Applications are now invited from outstanding, young research workers for
a limited number of postdoctoral research fellowships to be held in these
Universities.  All candidates must be able to show an aptitude for
original and independent research and should have at least two years
postdoctoral experience, preferably in taxonomic research or a related
area.  Fellows will be expected to contribute to the teaching of taxonomy
and to the development of the host University's commitment to taxonomy.=20

Applications may be submitted to work in any of the following areas:

Plant and fungal molecular systematics related to phylogeny, conservation
or genetic resources;  computer-based taxonomic methods including
databases, phenetic and cladistic analysis, and GIS.=20

For further details contact the coordinator:  Professor J.S. Parker,
Department of Botany, School of Plant Sciences, University of Reading,
Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 2AS. UK.  Tel. + 44 734 318163.=20
E-mail; sbsjury at  (Internet)
        sbsjury at  (Janet)

Fellowships will be tenable initially for a period of three years on the
expectation that extension to five years be confirmed depending on
performance.  Salaries will be on the RA1A scale in the range =9C12,638 to
=9C20,10 [pounds sterling] p.a. (as at 1.4.92). In addition, the sum of
=9C15,000 p.a. is provided for recurrent costs to support the Fellow's

Applications should be submitted on form RF1, to the University
coordinator at the address given above, no later than 17 May l993.=20
Application forms are available from the coordinators or direct from the
Higher Education Section of NERC (Tel. + 44 793 411500)

Stephen L. Jury  SBSJURY at READING.AC.UK (Internet)
                 Herbarium Curator (RNG), Department of Botany,
                 Univ. of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading,RG6 2AS, United Ki=
                 Phone (44) 734318169  FAX (44) 734753676

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