Plant pollution fighters

Edwinna Von Baeyer ac571 at
Mon Apr 26 19:23:03 EST 1993

Hi.  I'm a freelance writer/editor specializing in environmental
topics, forestry, horticulture and landscape history.  Recently
I read a short,general article about Bill C. Wolverton's work with
measuring the amounts of household pollution caused by new carpets,
recent paint jobs, etc.that a number of common house plants could
absorb.  What I would like to know is where could I begin to search
for related work on this subject -- is there a database, an index,
or just specific journals I could check?  I'm not just interested in
closed support systems, but would like to research on other plant
experiments of the Wolverton type.  Any direction you could give
me would be appreciated.
Thanks,  Edwinna von Baeyer
Edwinna von Baeyer
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