Crambe maritima and Rhubarb seeds

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Tue Apr 27 15:46:56 EST 1993

In article <C5wG46.JoB at>, bae at (Beverly Erlebacher) writes:
> There are quite a few seed companies that sell seeds of both these
> plants.  One on your side of the Atlantic is:
> Chiltern Seeds
> Bortree Stile
> Ulverston Cumbria
> LA12 7PB
> UK
> Chiltern has seeds for both the wild and a cultivated sea kale, as well
> as a cultivated rhubarb.  If you need a *lot* of rhubarb seed, you might
> be further ahead to collect your own.  Ask friends with rhubarb in their
> gardens not to lop off the flowering stalks, or look for rhubarb around
> abandoned farm buildings.  I've never seen sea kale growing, so I don't
> know how easy it is to collect seed from it.
> Beverly Erlebacher
> Toronto, Ontario Canada

  I want to thank all the people who have tried to solve my seed problem.

  I got helped with rhubrab seeds already (thanks, Steve!)         
  My main problem with the seeds was that I need approx. 0.5 -> 1 kg of the 
  same variety that I had been using before. Finnish seed companies dont 
  offer any rhubarb seeds (thanks to economic recession ? ).The seeds  
  have to be from controlled environment, because them I need them for pathogen
  research. Surely the seeds from the seed companies are not free of micro-  
  organisms but I think they are far better than the seeds from wild   

  Jari Louhelainen



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