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>Hi.  I'm a freelance writer/editor specializing in environmental
>topics, forestry, horticulture and landscape history.  Recently
>I read a short,general article about Bill C. Wolverton's work with
>measuring the amounts of household pollution caused by new carpets,
>recent paint jobs, etc.that a number of common house plants could
>absorb.  What I would like to know is where could I begin to search
>for related work on this subject -- is there a database, an index,
>or just specific journals I could check?  I'm not just interested in
>closed support systems, but would like to research on other plant
>experiments of the Wolverton type.  Any direction you could give
>me would be appreciated.
>Thanks,  Edwinna von Baeyer
>Edwinna von Baeyer
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Dear Edwinna,
             There was a small article in the New Scientist magazine
that mentioned that Yucca plants can take nitrogen from some gasses
in the air - from amines I think.  This allows the plant to survive 
in poor soils.  In a domestic environment, these can act as natural 
air fresheners, any some of the 'odours' that humans and pets give
off that make a room stuffy or stale, are also amines.  The article 
is at least a year old, and there may be a reference to a more technical
			Good Luck
 Could you post you findings to the net?

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