Mr. Australian

Tue Aug 31 17:01:00 EST 1993

I do not have a possibility even do defend myself.
I would like to ask you to post this to bionet.plants:

I would like to ask also Mr. Mark Hovenden to send his private mail
he has sent to me calling my posting an idiocy and a few epitets, which
came by private mail. I also replied by private mail, but Mr. Hovan
published my mail without my agreement.

I have no access now to bionet plants, and it was not a joke.
I just wanted to start a discussion and to hear an opinion of experienced

Grzegorz Kruk
_____GKRUK at mee.tcd.ie______GKRUK@vax1.tcd.ie______GKRUK at unix2.tcd.ie____
mgr Grzegorz Kruk
(M.S., Ph.D. student)
Microelectronics & Electrical Engineering Dept.
Trinity College
University of Dublin
Dublin 2

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