HELP: Common plant protease ???

Zhongguo Xiong, Ph.D xiong at
Thu Dec 2 03:55:48 EST 1993

Dear netters:

I am looking for some informations on the common proteases in plant cytoplasm. 
The project I am working on involves expressing small peptides in transgenic 
plants. Ideally, I would like to use concatmers of the peptides joined by 
spacers of a protease cleavage site, which can be recognized by a common 
and abundant protease existing in the cytoplasm. The multiple copies of the 
peptide would then be released from a single polypeptide by the protease. I 
realize there are many protease in the vacuoles, but am not familiar with any 
in the cytoplasm. Are trypsin and chymotrypsin good candidates? I will welcome 
any comments and suggestions.


Zhongguo Xiong
zxiong at

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