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Fri Dec 3 09:22:40 EST 1993

     Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who responded to my question
about the design of high tech-physiological greenhouses.    This is really a
fantastic system.  Here are all of the responses I have received so far.  If
anyone has more information, please forward and I will repost a second summary

Thanks again,

Mark Guiltinan
Penn State Biotechnology Institute
mjg at psupen.psu.edu

PS.  I have no affiliation with any of the companies or consultants endorsed
herein.  MG
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From: 	yams at midway.uchicago.edu
Date: 	Mon, Nov 29, 1993 10:58 AM
Subject: 	High tech greenhouses
To: 	mjg at psupen.psu.edu


We have just gone through the process you are now starting. It will be
about five years from the start of design to the final completion of our
new greenhouse facility. The greenhouses are under construction now, and we
expect to move in during spring of '94.

There are lots of design considerations, names of appropriate greenhouse
manufacturers, and names other equipment manufacturers I could mention. But I
think we found  the most important consideration was to find a greenhouse
consultant to help us with the planning and construction processes. We used a
Canadian company, Agritech nove, located at 5 rue Morin, St. Anselme, Quebec,
Canada, G0R 2N0. Their phone number is 418/885-9595 and their fax
is 418/885-4957. Richard Denis is the president of the company, and he has been
intimately involved with our project.

Since we are not yet moved into our new facility, I cannot offer advice as to
what has worked well and what we would would change. I can think of two new
university greenhouse facilities which are already in operation, and you may
want to contact people there. They are:

        1. James D. Kramer
             Dept. of Plant Biology
             University of Illinois
             505 S. Goodwin Ave.
             Urbana, IL  61801

              phone: (217) 333- 3058       email: j-kramer at uiuc.edu

        2.  Joan Leonard
              Department of Plant Biology
              The Ohio State University
              Columbus, OH  43210

               phone: (614) 292-7904 

If there is any further info I can send you, let me know. I do think
finding a good consultant is the best way to start, particularly if your
university does not have its own ag. engineering dept. to use a resource
when designing the new greenhouse.

Susan Yamins
Greenhouse Manager
The University of Chicago
Dept. of Ecology & Evolution


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Date: 	Mon, Nov 29, 1993 8:51 AM
Subject: 	RE: High Tech Greenhouse Design
To: 	Mark Guiltinan

While I was part of Dekalb Plant Genetics, we designed a new greenhouse that
would be used for physiological, transgenic and insect studies.  The houses
were finished in 1992. Dekalb Plant Genetics, Mystic, CT would be a good
contact for feedback. Try calling Peter Orr, 203-572-5231.
Roger Krueger


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From: 	Fred Lehle
Date: 	Sat, Nov 27, 1993 3:49 PM
Subject: 	Re: +Postage Due+High Tech Greenhouse Design
To: 	\"Mark Guiltinan\"

Nov 27, 1993

Dear Mark,

I would be interested in whatever responses you get back concerning
greenhouse construction experiences.  Could you post a summary of 
your responses to me or the newsgroup as a whole?

Fred Lehle
>internet:75070.2510 at compuserve.com


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From: 	peter at carrot.mcb.uconn.edu
Date: 	Fri, Nov 26, 1993 3:55 PM
Subject: 	gequest to forward greenhouse mail
To: 	mjg at psupen.psu.edu

We are currently planning the relocation/re-building of the research green
houses at UCONN.  Could you please forward any interesting responses that you
receiver to my e-mail address?
Thanks a lot 
Peter Gogarten

(Peter at carrot.mcb.uconn.edu)

In article <9311242043.AA06830 at net.bio.net> Mark_Guiltinan at AGCS.CAS.PSU.EDU
("Mark Guiltinan") writes:
>    We are in the process of planning the construction of a new "state of the
art" greenhouse for physiological studies.  We would like to have the input
(both positive and negative) of others who have been through this before.  Who
out there has "state of the art" greenhouses?  What are the variable controlled
and what are the best ways to control them.  What are the general
considerations you have made such as section size, basic framework plan etc.? 
What are the best companies for this sort of construction.  We would greatly
appreciate your time and effort in answering this posting, even if it is just a
lead to a person or company you know who could help us.
>Thanks in advance,
>Mark Guiltinan
>Penn State Biotechnology Institute
>mjg at psupen.psu.edu


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From: 	KINGJ at sask.usask.ca
Date: 	Thu, Nov 25, 1993 1:05 PM
Subject: 	Greenhouse construction
To: 	mjg at psupen.psu.edu

Dr. Guiltinan:  You might want to contact Mike Dixon in the Department of
Horticultural Sciences, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON. N1G 2W1, Canada,
Tel.(519)824-4120 ext. 2555.  A very few years ago, the University of Guelph
installed extensive new greenhouse facilities for plant biotechnological and
physiological research.  Mike spearheaded that initiative  Regards, John King,
University of Saskatchewan.


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Date: 	Thu, Nov 25, 1993 12:35 PM
Subject: 	Greenhouse Delight
To: 	mjg at psupen.psu.edu

Mark:  Check with Richard Dixon, Head of Plant Biology,
S.R. Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK.  The phone # is:
405-223-5810.  They just recently completed a beautiful
greenhouse and could certainly give you some advice.

Regards - David Meinke


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From: 	zrsung at nature.berkeley.edu
Date: 	Wed, Nov 24, 1993 5:31 PM
Subject: 	Re: High Tech Greenhouse Design
To: 	Mark Guiltinan

Dear Mark,

We had a new greenhouse built for our Department 3 years ago.  It seems O.K..I
am not clear on the specifics, but you might contact Bob Fischer (Tel. no. 510
642 1314) in our Department who was on the greenhouse committee, or our
greenhouse manager, Barbara Rotz (510 642 8188 or 642 2047).  
There are about 8-10 sections with temperature and daylength control.  It is
state of the art, because the curtains and temperatures are controlled by the
computer.  In addition, there is an office where the control panels are, a head
house for soil and transplantation, a teaching lab, several small research
rooms with benches, and a bathroom facility fitted with showers.

Renee Sung


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From: 	daniel at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Date: 	Wed, Nov 24, 1993 4:51 PM
Subject: 	Re: High Tech Greenhouse Design
To: 	Mark Guiltinan

Dear Mark:
My suggestion would be to contact Dr. Howard Rawson at CSIRO Plant Industry in
Canberra Australia.  He knows more about environmental control than anyone I
have ever met.  



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Date: 	Thu, Dec 2, 1993 10:35 AM
Subject: 	Re: High Tech Greenhouse Design
To: 	Mark Guiltinan

Hello Mark. I too need to completely renovate a greenhouse to be high tech for
transgenics, etc.. I would like to know of information received in reply to
your arabnet posting, perhaps you could post it or send it to me? Many thanks,

Kirk Cammarata
Salem_teikyo University
Biotechnology Program
kirkcam at wvnms.wvnet.edu


Message for Mark Guiltinan

From: 	Petercsak, Michael R
Date: 	Thu, Dec 2, 1993 4:41 PM
Subject: 	Greenhouse Construction Advise
To: 	Mark Guiltinan

I supervise a small research greenhouse for the Waksman Institute here at
Rutgers.  I would like to offer to you the names of individuals who have been
helpful to me in the past.  When you say "high tech" greenhouse I think you
need to clarify what specific features are most important to your use.  These
may be very different for a commercial grower vs. a university research

Joe Florentine is the supervisor of the newest greenhouse facility built for
Cook College at Rutgers.  He can be reached by phone at (908) 932-9034.

Eric Melton is the greenhouse supervisor for American Cyanamid. They have
finished (?) the planning stage and are about to begin construction of a new
facility.  Eric can be reached at American Cyanamid, Agricultural Center, P.O.
Box 400, Princeton, New Jersey 08543-0400 or call (609) 799-0400.

Rutgers sponsers a two day class called "Design of Greenhouse Systems and
Environmental Control".  The next session is scheduled for 1/10 - 1/11/1994. 
The fee is $235.00.  The course coordinator is Professor William J. Roberts, he
can be reached at the Department of Bioresource Engineering, Cook College,
Rutgers University, P.O. Box 231, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903-0231 or call
(908) 932-9534.

I hope these will be helpful resources. Good Luck.
--Michael R. Petercsak

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