Onion Chromosomes

Klaus Schumann [Biologie] schumann at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Fri Dec 3 04:36:33 EST 1993

j00030 at TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU writes:
The chromosome number of Allium cepa is 16 (2n). Within the genus there is 
some variation from 32 to 14. The reference is: Bennett, MD; Smith, JB:
Nuclear DNA amounts in angiosperms. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal
Society of London (B. Biological Sciences) 274: 227-274 (1976).
This is not the primary reference, it is a list where the DNA content for
many plant species are given in addition with the chromosome number, and I
had it on hand :-).

Hope this helps
schumann at rhrk.uni-kl.de

>	I am a graduate assistant in biology, and we need to know the number of chromosomes in the onion.  We cannot find it anywhere, and know one here knows tha answer.  It is for a general biology lab.  From last quarters data I would have to say the number is 10.  Can anyone confirm this?
>	Thank you in advance.
>		KR Ziarkowski
>		St. Cloud State University
>		St. Cloud, MN

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